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Welcome to the Terra Nova Investor FAQ. Below, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions to Terra Nova employees. This quick list will hopefully answer all your questions about our Investor product.  If you don't find the answer here, please call customer support at 866-866-6546.

Q: How do I set up my watchlist(s)?

A: To set up your watchlist(s), simply click on the watchlist button located on the left-hand side of your screen. To the right you will see “Create your watchlist.” Highlight and click on this. Double-click on the gray area under “symbol” and fill in the appropriate symbol. Press enter, and proceed in the same manner. To save the watchlist you have just created, right-click on the screen and choose “save symbol.”

When you want to designate a certain watchlist to be your default, save that watchlist under the file name: tntdefault.slf. To load a previously saved watchlist, right-click the mouse while it is positioned in the middle of the screen. Select “load symbol,” and choose the appropriate file where that watchlist is saved.

Q: How can I edit my watchlist(s)?

A: To change a symbol on your watchlist, all you need to do is double-click on the symbol you wish to change. Once this highlights in white, you will be able to change the symbol. Press enter. Be sure to save the watchlist file. To delete a symbol, simply click on that symbol and press delete.

Q: How do I customize my charts?

A: Our real time charts are customizable by right-clicking on the chart, highlighting and then clicking “display.” Here you will be able to add grid lines, candlesticks and/or adjust the color scheme.

Q: What features are available in the News Section?

A: The News Section is a comprehensive source that provides our customers with updates on current events that may affect the markets. In addition to receiving financial news articles on stocks you specify, our customers are able to obtain general news stories (world, science, etc.), earnings announcements, market indices, news alerts, plus much more.

Q: How can I change the order in which my positions are displayed?

A: In order to adjust the order of your positions, within the positions screen simply right click the mouse. A floating menu will appear where you would select "Custom Sort."

Q: Am I able to view more than one chart at a time?

A: Yes. Once there is a chart on your screen, point your cursor at one of the indices (DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ Comp or 100) in level I Quote Box while pressing the Control key. Drag the cursor down to the chart (still pressing the Control key) and let go of both the mouse button and the Control key. Your second chart will populate.

It is also possible to view the charts of two different stocks. Once there is a chart loaded on your screen, return to the markets or watchlist screen. Click on the symbol of the stock that will be the second chart. This symbol will populate in the Level I quote box. Now click on charts again, but do not choose a timeframe. A chart will populate for the symbol that was first loaded. While holding down the control key, left mouse click in the Level I quote box (continue to hold down the mouse button) and drag the cursor to the chart and release both the Control key and the mouse button.

Q: What type of accounts does Terra Nova Online offer for Terra Nova InvestorTM users?

A: All Terra Nova Investor users must have a non-professional status to qualify for an account. Terra Nova Online offers individual, joint, limited liability, investment clubs, and corporate margin accounts. IRAs are accepted as well. Professionals can access our RealTick product available by Clicking Here!

Q: Is there an alternative to placing my trade through Terra Nova Investor?

A: Yes. You may call our trade desk at 1-800-258-5409 from 7am CST to 7pm CST to place a trade using a Registered Representative.

Q: Is there a way for me to demo the trading platform before opening an account?

A: Demo accounts are available for customers who are interested in the Terra Nova InvestorTM product. To sign up for an Investor demo account, please call us at 1-8-NOW-YOU-KNOW.

Q: What are the fees and commissions for Terra Nova Investor?

A: The Terra Nova Investor is free. Commissions for Equities are $12 per trade and one penny per share for every share over 1000 shares. Commissions for Option trades are $9 per order plus $1.75 per contract, plus exchange fees.

Q: Does Terra Nova Online offer any other trading platforms?

A: Terra Nova Online offers several different software packages in an attempt to meet the needs of every type of trader. In addition to the Terra Nova Investor, we also offer Real Tick for the active day trader. This sophisticated platform allows complete customization of multiple charts, order entry screens and news feeds. Please visit the products section of our website for additional details.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run Terra Nova Investor?

A: In order to run the Terra Nova Investor, you should have a medium to high-end desktop or laptop PC with at least 64 mb of internal memory, 400 mhz processor, 3.5 MB of internal disk space, and a 56K modem (Cable Modem or DSL connection recommended)

Q: What Browsers can I use to run Terra Nova Investor?

A: The Terra Nova Investor software is written for Internet Explorer 5.0 or better. If you have 5.0, however, you need to download the Java Virtual Machine Critical Update. Terra Nova Investor will not run on Netscape, AOL, or Web TV. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft, Click here .

Q: What if I receive an error message while attempting to log into the Terra Nova Investor?

A: Several reasons could explain an error when attempting to log into the Terra Nova Investor. The most common problems include Internet traffic, poor connection speed, and/or the permissions server is unable to validate your User Name/Password. If your stock/market quote window background color is gray and not black, or you are unable to view any accounts, hit the "F5" key to refresh the web page and enter your user information again at the prompt. If a problem still exists, please contact our Customer Support team for individual technical questions.

Q: What if the sub menus do not appear?

A: The sub menus (such as markets and research) should appear once you click on the mouse button. They require the MS-Popup Menu Object Terra Nova Investor control. This should be copied to your PC when you install the software. You may need to un-install the software and then reinstall the software. Feel free to contact our Customer Support team if the problem persists.

Q: What if my Stock Quotes, Watchlists, Markets or other screens are blank or not formatted properly?

A: If you are a current RealTick® subscriber, you may experience this problem with the Terra Nova Investor software. You must be sure you are not running RealTick when you download the Terra Nova Investor software. You also may need to un-install the RealTick software before you load Terra Nova Investor to avoid any complications.

Q: How do I enter a stock symbol into the order entry screen?

A: There are several ways to perform this function. One way is to click on a stock symbol from either a watch or market list. This will automatically populate the order entry screen. You can also drag a symbol from the Level I quote screen and drop it into the order entry screen, or you can manually enter the symbol into order entry screen.

Q: How can I view a history of my trades?

A: You can view your history by logging into the Reports section of the Terra Nova Investor. The comprehensive report may be the most beneficial to you. The report is updated daily and displays beginning and ending balances and positions, along with day trades and non-day trades executed the previous day.

Q: What is the ‘NOW’ expiration?

A: Use the ‘NOW’ expiration order option for your limit orders to get a speedy execution. Now orders will be matched with the ARCA book or immediately routed for execution to a select group of market participants (Instinet, Island, Redibook, Bloomberg) at their quoted price, which may or may not be the best price in the market. Any residual volume will automatically be cancelled if not executed at the quoted price or better.

Q: What is SelectNet?

A: This is an electronic trading system that facilitates the trading between market makers. SelectNet allows you to route an order to all markets for execution or preference the order to a specific market maker.

Unlike SuperSOES, SelectNet orders will not appear on Level II, but instead on market makers' terminals. SelectNet also allows AON orders and can be used pre and post market.

Q: If I am working a Good-'Till-Cancelled order and my price is traded through during the Extended Trading Sessions, am I owed a fill?

A: No. GTC orders apply to the Regular Trading Session.

Q: What kind of short sale inventory does Terra Nova Online offer?

A: Our clearing firm offers a large inventory of equities available to short.

Q: What is the charge for partial fills?

A: The original ticket placed for execution generates only one commission charge. Terra Nova Online will not charge for partial executions to fill one total ticket, so long as the order remains live and all executions are done on the same day. If the partially filled order is cancelled and entered at a different price, the re-entered order is considered another ticket and will be charged another commission.
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