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Terra Nova Futures now offers futures trading, along with equities and options (through Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C.), all from one powerful trading, charting and analysis platform: RealTick®. Trade a wide array of futures products including E-mini Stock Index Futures.

Our link to the CME’s Globex electronic trading network provides a fast and efficient method for entering futures orders and receiving executions: (market volatility and volume may delay system access and trade execution.) and RealTick’s swift quote dissemination and advanced charting features put you in the driver’s seat, where you can react quickly and make the best decisions possible, to truly ‘own’ your trades.

Learn more about our futures offerings by clicking on the corresponding link below.

A Level Playing Field
Limited Time Offer

Immediate Access through RealTick
High Liquidity
Low Margins
No Restrictions on Short Sales  
No Regulatory Restrictions on Day Trading Account Size
no obligation, Live online
Daily Marked-to-Market Settlement
Low Commission Cost
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Trade Futures On A Level Playing Field
  E-mini futures trade on the CME’s Globex® electronic trading system. These futures trades are matched on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) price algorithm. That means no one has an advantage over you in the execution of your order. All orders for these futures products trade in this one centralized market. You do not need to worry about where to route your order for the best fill. Return to top

Immediate Access Using RealTick
  RealTick gives you immediate access to the CME Globex futures markets. The same platform that was rated #1 in trade execution two years in a row by Barron’s for stock trade execution**, now brings its speed and tools to the futures markets as well. Return to top

High Liquidity
  E-mini futures’ market depths and volumes are among the highest of any traded instruments. They are clearly the product of choice for active daytraders. Average daily volumes for the S&P 500 E-mini have been in excess of 500,000 contracts with record volume of 1,130,000 contracts traded in a day. All this trading takes place at the single location of the CME Globex matching engine. You do not need to search for the greatest source of liquidity to execute your trade.

E-mini S&P volume dwarfs the volume of the competing SPY. One S&P 500 E-mini contract is equivalent to 500 shares of SPYs. That means the recent average daily futures volumes of 500,000 contracts is equivalent to a daily volume of 250 million shares of SPYs. SPY average daily volume is only a fraction of this amount. Return to top

Low Margins (Performance Bonds)
  Margins in futures trading are known as Performance Bonds. Minimums are set by the exchange on which the contracts trade. The concept is to set the amount high enough to guarantee that the trader can cover the market moves likely in the short run on his position, yet low enough to not tie up excess capital. The result is that E-mini margins typically fall in the neighborhood of 10% of contract value.*** Return to top

No Regulatory Restrictions on Account Sizes for Day Trading
  There are no regulatory limits on account sizes for daytrading in futures markets such as the $25,000 minimum necessary for daytrading stocks. Return to top

No Restrictions on Short Sales
  All purchases and sales are executed in the same manner. No distinction exists between a short and a long sale.
Return to top

Daily Marked-to-Market Settlement
  Margins are released as soon as a trade is liquidated. All realized & unrealized funds are immediately available for use as margin or can be withdrawn without waiting for a T+3 settlement. Return to top

Low Commission Cost
  As an active trader, you view your trading as you would a business. You are always looking for ways to reduce your operating costs to help increase your profits. One of the attractive features of E-mini trading is the relative lower cost compared to traditional stock trading. For example, 1 E-mini NASDAQ 100 contract is equivalent to 800 shares of QQQs. What would your cost be for trading 800 QQQs? Return to top


*Offer is $1.25 per contract, per side plus fees for E-mini trades only. Offer is good for new accounts only and is good for 30 calendar days from the date the account is funded. Account must be funded within 30 calendar days of opening. Minimum funding of $7,500 is required. No other promotions and/or offers apply. RealTick software rebates will not be available during this promotional period regardless of the number of contracts traded. After 30 day promotional period ends, all fees will return to our normal commission schedule. Please consult with our TNT support staff for commission rates and complete information. Additional charges may apply.

Barron's (3-18-02)
**One other firm received the same ranking in 2001.
Only Equity and Option executions were rated. Futures were not rated.

***Terra Nova or its Clearing Firm may require a larger initial performance bond. CME initial
performance and maintenance bonds may also vary over time. The degree of leverage that is often obtainable in futures trading can work against you as well as for you and as a result, can lead to large losses as well as gains.

Terra Nova Futures is a division of Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C.®
All securities and futures offered by Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C. member NASD, NFA, SIPC, PCX & ISE.
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MarketWise Trading School and Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C. share common ownership.

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RealTick is a registered trademark of Townsend Analytics, Ltd.

Please Note: "The risk of loss in electronic active investing can be substantial. You should, THEREFORE, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources."

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