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CBOT mini-Dow Futures

The CBOT mini-sized Dow contract is based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) - the most widely recognized stock index in the world. By combining the ease and efficiency of electronic trading with the liquidity provided by dedicated CBOT market makers and CBOT futures traders, the CBOT mini-sized Dow contract is an exciting, new trading vehicle with distinct advantages.

  • Index value x $5 = 1 mini-sized DOW contract value

    The mini-sized Dow multiplier is $5.
    For example, if the DJIA level is 8250, multiply that by $5.
    8250 x $5 = $41,250
    If you buy one mini-sized Dow contract at 8250, you are trading an instrument valued at $41,250.

  • 100% Electronic access from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • The CBOT electronic platform provides a level field where orders are executed anonymously and on a first-in, first-out basis. No preference is given to market makers.

  • Constant liquidity; professional traders are making continuous two-sided markets in CBOT Dow & Treasury futures. As a result, for those trading these mini-sized Dow contracts, liquidity is deep and constant.

  • Whether bullish or bearish, it is simple to trade expectations. You can sell as easily as you can buy. You are not subject to uptick rules, fees or loans for short selling.

  • The Dow is a price-weighted index of 30 well-known large cap companies. Price changes in the CBOT mini-sized Dow futures closely reflect changes in the underlying DJIA.

  • The CBOT mini-sized Dow is easy to use whatever your trading strategy. It can be spread against other index futures and baskets of equities. The Dow has also been effectively traded against exchange traded funds (ETFs) such as DIAMONDS and options based on the DJIA.
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Provided by the CBOT
Provided by the CBOT
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