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The following videos are produced by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and offered to you with our complements. Whether you are an new trader interested in the benefits of trading E-minis or an experienced pro looking for an edge, we have a seminar available online for your convenience.

  Advantages of Trading E-mini Futures
    Incredible liquidity, Virtually 24-hour trading, Low trading cost.

  Unique Japanese Candle Analysis Trading Approach
    Learn how Daniel Gramza's unique Japanese Candle Analysis opens a new dimension to     trading by revealing the market dynamics that create the patterns - an invaluable key to     market movement and direction.
  Technical Side of Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures
    Explores some of the different ways one can technically trade E-mini futures, using     specific trading days from the past to illustrate some of the more commonly used     technical indicators.
  Spreading and Hedging Strategies
    Explains how the versatility of E-mini Futures goes far beyond speculating on the upside
    or downside. Professionals will often use these remarkable contracts for spreading and     hedging purposes. Presented by the CME®’s Dave Lerman, it outlines some of the     strategies that professionals use when trading in CME's E-mini complex.
  Migrating to E-mini™ Futures
    CME's E-mini stock index futures are among today's fastest growing financial products.     People from a broad range of backgrounds are encouraged to gain an understanding of     these products so they can keep up with current market developments. This webinar     examines what E-mini futures are, how they operate, who uses them and why.
  Trading in the Eye of the Storm
    You can learn how to trade with confidence and focus, and to overcome the emotional     storms and negative-thought pitfalls that prevent you from consistently implementing     your trading strategies. This webinar provides you with specific techniques to build a     strong mental skill set for trading and to remain emotionally neutral while you let your     trading strategies and the market do the work for you.
  Market Profile Trading Strategies
    The Market Profile approach to trading organizes market-generated price, time and     volume information into recognizable structures based on the bell curve. This webinar     helps you identify where and how buyers and sellers enter the market and how the     market assesses value. You'll also learn how the market's acceptance and rejection of     price is reflected in trading volume, and how to apply this understanding to long- and     short-term trading strategies.

  Building Your E-mini Futures Trading Strategy

      Creating your trading strategy
      Measuring the effectiveness of your strategy
      Implementing the strategy
      Trading in the eye of the storm

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