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The MarketWise Trading School, LLC’s motto is "Own the Knowledge!" and its mission is to share the passion and trading skills of its instructors.

If a trader has only those two characteristics, a passion for the market and the desire to learn all there is to know about trading securities, that individual has two of the most important characteristics required to become a very successful trader. Our school attempts to instill in all its students the importance of wanting to become a trader, just to be a trader. Not for the wealth and prestige that may come. Not for the freedom involved. Great traders are great simply because trading is the only vocation they want to pursue. They also know that knowledge of every aspect of the market is the only road to success. These are the twin pillars of the MarketWise Trading School, LLC.

Everyone that trades need not be as consumed by the market as the professional. On the other hand, anyone who trades without taking the time and making the effort to learn what they are getting into is what is known within the industry as "dumb money." These are the traders and investors that get into a trade too late or buy a stock on the tip from someone that knows as little as they do.

MarketWise Trading School, LLC can teach you how to become part of the "smart money." These are the traders and investors who know how to get in as a move begins.

Please take some time now to look over our philosophy of teaching and the table of contents of our courses. Find out which course can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Other factors, such as psychological suitability, financial independence, market intuition, etc., must be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, it is our opinion that without knowledge and passion, you should not even consider trading as a profession. With all that said, you must realize that desire and knowledge are still not a guarantee of success in the stock market. No one can assure success.

MarketWise Seven - Our Educational Outline
The MarketWise Seven gives you the outline we follow in all our training courses. It is the course of action you will take to begin preparing for state-of-the-art stock trading. The course begins with helping you build a foundation and takes you all the way through the continuing education and support programs of MarketWise Trading School, LLC.

1. Blue Print
The first step in developing a successful Electronic Direct Access Trading (EDAT) plan is to design a discipline not unlike that of an architect designing a new home or building. Trading styles are as different as people. Therefore, the first step is creating a trading discipline that takes into consideration such aspects as individual personality, daily time constraints, lifestyle and risk tolerance. Although there is tremendous diversity among people and trading styles, the common denominators for success are passion for the market and a strong work ethic. The clarity of knowing where to focus, whether day trading, swing trading, or short-term trading will help you replace fear with confidence.

2. Technology
EDAT is one of the fastest and most powerful trading technologies available to traders. The combined benefits of real-time decision-support tools such as the Level II screen and electronic order routing systems including SOES, SelectNet, and Electronic Communication Networks (ECN's) allow you to take ownership and level the playing field. We will teach you to use this powerful system to turn your PC into a trading desk.

3. Psychology
As Charles Dow believed, stock price movement is determined by the psychology of the market, driven by the forces of supply and demand for publicly traded securities. Learning to interpret stock-specific, news-driven events (such as earnings reports, stock splits, IPOs, ratings changes, mergers and acquisitions), and determining how they affect the laws of supply and demand is an important step toward successful trading. From a macro perspective, you will learn to interpret economic news, such as the Employment Reports, Retail Sales, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Federal Reserve decisions and other key measures and economic motivators.

4. Simulation
“Practice what you know before you go.”
Turn theory into practice without exposing capital in the market and sharpen your motor skills with our real time simulator, identical to the technology used for live trading. The RealTick® software simulator is an excellent transition from our training to real time trading by building your confidence and trading skills. Because we believe that your confidence in the market must never exceed your skill, all graduates of the EDAT course receive our simulator for two full weeks.

5. Analysis
Whether based in fundamental or technical analysis, research holds an important place in all trading pursuits and disciplines. Our web site,, provides access to market research, news events, broker reports, market updates provided by and market essays written by David S. Nassar. You will learn which resources are best to formulate trading decisions taking into consideration your trading style and time horizon.

6. Support
We realize that, from time to time, there are potholes in the “information superhighway". MarketWise offers a toll-free technical support line to assist you with any software or hardware concerns.

7. Continuing Education
Trading is a journey, not a destination. To assist in your journey, MarketWise provides all course graduates a username and password to access the WiseGuide. This online mentoring program provides market commentary which is updated five times during each trading day. WiseGuide also provides insights on how our professional traders are analyzing the market. Our proprietary TradeWise Analysis TM software allows you to analyze your trading history to "inspect what you expect”. To you as a trader, continuing education means a continued commitment to improving the intellectual, psychological and methodical aspects of your trading. MarketWise Trading School will rise to that commitment.

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